INTERFACE focuses on utilizing the overflow of information in different fields, translating the existing knowledge, integrating it within multi-disciplinary environments, and mobilizing it to INTERFACE partners’ decision-making process by combining two emerging concepts. As one hazard can initiate, at the system-level, a chain reaction of hazards that would magnify the impact of a disaster due to unanticipated interactions, the first concept (multi-hazard) deals with identifying and quantifying the interactions between such multiple hazards. The second concept (systemic risk) focuses on developing risk-based analytical tools and cyber-physical systems that facilitate quantifying the consequence (risk) of the expected interactions between multiple hazard and different system vulnerabilities at the entire network level. The integration of the above two concepts by multidisciplinary INTERFACE teams from science, social science, engineering, and medical science is not only unique in Canada but also at the global scale.


Within its system-level multidisciplinary risk quantification approach, the INTERFACE teams are focused on key Canadian and international government and private partners from different sectors that include: Banking & finance; Commercial-facilities; Communications infrastructure; Critical manufacturing; Education facilities; Emergency services; Energy Systems; Food & agriculture; Government facilities; Healthcare & public health; Information technology; Insurance & Re-assurance; National monuments & icons; Nuclear reactors & waste; Transportation; and Water & wastewater.

Value Proposition

For each partner, INTERFACE provides tailored risk quantification tools that are both cost-effective and timely. When possible, INTERFACE members will leverage the partners’ contributions through established mechanisms that are typically available to academic institutions. INTERFACE will also offer intangible benefits to its partners in terms of providing unique training opportunities to graduate students and creating a breed of superbly skilled, job-ready, competent and highly valuable individuals that are well versed on systemic-risk assessment, analysis and management under multiple and interacting hazards.