B.E., M.S. (Korea Univ.) Ph.D. (Texas at Austin), LEL., Canada Research Chair Tier II in Water and Health

Research Interests

– Water / wastewater treatment processes – Resources recovery from wastewater – Microbial electrochemical technologies – Ion exchange membrane applications – Numerical models

Specific Research Interests and Activities

Dr. Kim’s research group deals with major challenges in wastewater treatment: (1) Nutrient Removal; (2) Resources Recovery; (3) Water Reuse; and (4) Sludge Digestion. We focus on demonstrating energy efficient recovery of nutrients from wastewater and nutrient-rich waste streams (e.g., source separated human urine). We also study novel methods for recovering precious metals (e.g., gold, silver) from industrial wastewater and removing toxic heavy metals (e.g., cadmium, chromium) from wastewater without using energy intensive treatment processes. We research biological reactions in anaerobic digestion to enhance the rate of wastewater sludge treatment. To achieve these objectives, we investigate the emerging microbial electrochemical technologies, also called bioelectrochemical systems. In bioelectrochemical systems, we utilize electrode reactions driven by exoelectrogenic bacteria for their beneficial applications on resources recovery, metals recovery and sustainable wastewater treatment. We also study ion exchange membrane applications for: (1) Desalination; (2) Nutrient Separation; and (3) Energy Recovery from Salinity Gradients. We are also working on developing innovative disinfection methods to provide safe drinking water to remote and under-privileged communities. We are currently recruiting new graduate students in our lab. If you are interested in joining our research group and want to know more about our on-going research projects, feel free to contact Dr. Younggy Kim (