B.Sc., M.A.Sc. (SWJTU), Ph.D. (Calgary), P.Eng.

Research Interests

– Geotechnical Engineering – Constitutive laws for geologic materials – Numerical modelling of complex geotechnical structures

Specific Research Interests and Activities

Geomechanics Study of dilatancy of granular materials under both monotonic and cyclic loads; Modelling density and pressure level dependency of granular materials; Description of inherent and induced anisotropy through incorporation of some fabric tensor reflecting the evolution of material microstructure; Modelling of soil behaviour along various imposed stress/strain paths. Numerical modelling of geotechnical structures Development of robust plasticity algorithms with high efficiency and accuracy within numerical computations; Soil-pipeline interaction induced by soil movement; Liquefaction of soils under earthquake loading; Stability of slopes and deep excavations; Coupled thermal-elasto-plastic analysis with multi-phase flow through porous media; Bearing capacity of off-shore structure foundations under partially drained conditions;