Dr. Campidelli’s research expertise encompass reliability analysis, fragility, and probabilistic risk assessment of infrastructure subjected to extreme loading; numerical and experimental performance quantification of different structural and nonstructural components; risk mitigation technologies; risk analysis of complex systems; and multi-agent-based modeling.

Past Research Project
Applications of genetic algorithms to optimization problems in structural dynamics. Filed testing and numerical analysis of structural and non-structural components under live ammunition; Development of load factors for blast resistant design; Assessment of blast wavefront parameter uncertainty; Stochastic modeling of the structural response induced by blast overpressure; and Software development for performance assessment of window glazing under blast overpressure.

Current Research Projects
    –  Probabilistic risk assessment of masonry buildings exposed to improvised explosive devices.
    –  Potable water risk in remote settlements with limited access to grid electricity.
    –  Quantification of the resilience and systemic risk affecting water resources in remote communities under multiple hazards.
    –  Assessment of seismic risk and resilience of nuclear power plants and deep geological repositories for spent nuclear fuel.
    –  Integrated workstation for carbon capture and sequestration technologies.
    –  Real-time cyber-physical decision support system for wildfire taming & risk mitigation.