B.Sc. Queen’s University, 1985; M.Eng., McGill University, 1987; Ph.D., McGill University, 1992

Research Interests

– Metallic and non-metallic coatings for advanced steels – Metallurgy – Steel research

Specific Research Activities

The focus of my current research is twofold: (i) the continuous galvanizing and galvannealing of advance high strength dual phase (DP), transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) and martensitic or complex phase (CP) steels and (ii) the physical metallurgy of advanced steels, including DP, TRIP, CP and twinning induced plasticity (TWIP) steels for application in advanced automotive designs. These advanced designs will take advantage of the higher strength-to-weight ratio of these alloys to improve fuel efficiency through vehicle weight reductions while maintaining or improving vehicle safety. However, the thinner cross-sections employed to reduce weight necessitate the use of corrosion protection system to prevent structural degradation and meet consumer durability demands. The continuous galvanizing (CGL) process is the most cost effective means of achieving this objective for the steel sheet materials used in these applications, but the higher alloy content of the above advanced high strenght steels (AHSS) render the surfaces difficult to galvanize. Furthermore, the thermal treatments employed in the CGL are not necessarily compatible with the development of the required microstructures and mechanical properties for these alloys. Both of these areas are the focus of projects within the NSERC/US Steel Canada/Xstrata Zinc Industrial Research Chair in Zinc-Coated Advanced Steels. To aid in the performance of these activities a state-of-the-art galvanizing simulator is attached to the research group, one of only three galvanizing simulators located in academic institutions world-wide and the only simulator located in a North American University. Current projects in the Chair program include: (i) Galvanizing of TRIP steels, (ii) Development of the Galvanizing Interfacial Layer on Mn-containing DP Steels, (iii) Galvannealing of DP Steels, (iv) Solidification of Galvanized Coatings, (v) In-situ Aluminothermic Reduction of Mn-Oxides and (vi) Galvannealing of TRIP Steels. Current research outside of the Chair program include the Galvanizing of CP Steels (ILZRO and ArcelorMittal (Dofasco)), Gas-Jet Wiping of Zinc-based Coatings (ILZRO), the Physical Metallurgy/Mechanical Properties of Compositionally Graded TWIP Steels, the Physical Metallurgy of DP steel Weldments. Selected recent publications from projects either on-going or completed can be found below. Future projects include: (i) Definition of the Zn-rich corner of the Zn-Al-Fe-Mn Phase Diagram (PhD), (ii) Advanced Electrogalvanized Coatings (MASc) (iii) Galvanizing of TWIP Steels (PhD) (iv) Microstructural Development of TWIP Steels as a Function of Strain Path, (v) the Physical Metallurgy of Al Weldments (GM of Canada) and (vi) Galvannealing of CP Steels (MASc). Students who are interested in these research topics should e-mail Dr. McDermid, specifically mentioning the project they are interested in.